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[IP] Set Question

Hi.  I subscribed to this list a few months ago, but have never posted.  I 
have a few questions that I hope people can help me with.
I have been pumping for 5, going on 6 years now, just switched to the 508 
from the 507 two months ago.
My main problem is that I really like the tape on the Quick sets, but I 
have not been able to control my blood sugars with them.  I have to take on 
average twice as much insulin when I'm on these sets.  I have several times 
bled profusely from the sites after I take the sets out as well.  When I go 
back to the quick release sets, everything is back to normal.  The tape on 
the quick release sets, however, makes me break out in hives, they itch 
like crazy, and the tape doesn't stay on (my latest one started falling off 
a grand total of one day after I put it on).  I exercise and sweat a lot, 
which could account for the tape not working, but the tape on the Quick 
sets works fantastically, and I don't itch or react to it.  I am going to 
try the Silhouettes, as the Mimimed rep said they use the same tape as the 
Quick sets.
I see others have similar problems, but has anyone had any as severe as mine?
Also, to answer the question about a silent meter, I use the Freestyle, and 
you can turn off the beep totally.  Nice and quiet, also only requires a 
small drop of blood.  I don't use it anywhere but on my fingers, but you 
can use other spots with this meter.
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