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Re: [IP] Confused about depression (chemical or not)?

In a message dated 5/31/01 11:42:32 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> To save a long ramble.  Which is it?  I have worked vbery hard with
> self-help cognitiver therapy and now this is all wrong?
> As far as I am concerned; I am depressed because I must not be working hard
> enough.  This is what the therpist says.  

self help is good, but it is NOT your fault if you have a chemical imbalance 
which is VERY common with diabetes (well, the depression part).  if you read 
articles about depression, the majority will say it's caused by a lack of 
seratonin ( i think it's a lack ) and what the anti-d drugs do is it's a 
seratonin-reuptake inhibitor....keeps the chemical there i guess.
i've had major depression for years now and have tried many meds... although 
meds are just a part of the healing (what helps chemically), self-help is 
still good....but again, depression which is clinical is NOT your fault and 
if your doc is telling you this, then maybe you need to tell HIM to go get 
some help himself or do his damn job!  just my opinion...no flames please :O)
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