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Re: [IP] De Pression

OK, I'm getting really PO'd that I've been scewed around here twice by the
medical establishment.  I am told over and over that it is all my falut
that I am depressed and don;t have perfect bg's. period.

NO It's NOT your "Fault"!!

Don't you get it at all??? <G>  That's their trouble, trying to 'beat the
patient down' so they have no responsability for us. There's a term for
this: "Passing the buck"!

I say: 'Nay, Nay!'!  It is a combination of lack of education (and the
constant blame game being played here), Plus the compromised chemical
upheaval in the brain and endocrine system.

Now, what are ya going to DO about it? Chemical, blame game, stress; we
still have a "Response-ABILITY".

What's your ability?

Jenny Sutherland
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