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Re: [IP] Depression causes

   I completely agree with what Natalie had to say. There is a big
difference between feeling down once and a while and suffering from a
major depression. And you dont have to be experiencing suicidal thoughts
to be considered going through major depression. If you have trouble
sleeping, are gaining/losing a lot of weight, having trouble with
personal/professional relationships, etc. etc. etc. can all be signs that
you have a bigger problem than some of your doctors are making it out to
be. I agree that everyone who is depressed shouldn't hop right on the drug
train, but if you have tried talk therapy or some even say sunlight and
exercise and its not working for you.. then maybe its just something you
cant fix by yourself, but that doesnt make you any less of a person. Many
depressions are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain (seratonin, I
believe (sp?)) And drugs like Fluoxetine (aka Prozac) can do wonders. If
you really are unhappy and you feel like it is affecting your health dont
give into the social stigma of anti-depressants, and find a good mental
health professional who can give you some more options....

Sarah Arnal (Manitoba, Canada, pumping 21 days, diabetic 8 years)
P.S. No, I do not work for any major drug companies, I am not a pill
pusher, I have just "been there, done that"....

--- Darrin Parker <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >Now Darrin,
> >Good man that you are, you said >>>
> >>>>This is an important point.  Most depression is caused by
> >cognitive distortions NOT chemical probelms thus antidepressants
> >can't help in all cases.<<<<<<<<<<
> >
> >This does not match the causes in the studies I have read.  Please
> > share your sources and sites for your statement.
> This is according to the cognitive therapy books and the congitive
> therapist.  Never crossed my mind prior to your point but maybe after 18
> months of therapy I'm still not back to myself of a decade ago due to
> the
> therapists being on the same scale as the local endos?  I'd like to try
> drugs.  getting tired of hearing all I have to do is become a "visible
> success"...  However all I have read and been told says that I am only
> depressed because of the way i think and I can cure myself *if I want
> to*.
> Thsi sort of angers me as i'm doing all I can but I'll never be
> productive
> again unless i stop spending so much time on DM and cognitive therapy
> work!
> geeze!
> Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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