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Re: [IP] De Pression

>I do not agree with your premise. Depression is a biochemical dysfunction of
>the brain in which the serotonin pathway is messed up. serotonin is a
>happyness neurotransmitter. antidepressants today prevent the early rebinding
>and disposal of serotonin. self help is not possible when he patient is in a
>morrass of negative feelings and cannot use the methods you suggest. I agree
>when you begin to come out of the tunnel these methods work well.  When you
>tell depressed patients to help themselves and they can't they get more
>depressed. There is a real place for psychiatrists in the mental health world.

OK, I'm getting really PO'd that I've been scewed around here twice by the
medical establishment.  I am told over and over that it is all my falut
that I am depressed and don;t have perfect bg's.


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