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[IP] more complications

Jim wrote:
>>>>Dupuytren's Contracture.  This is brought on by diabetes and usually
affects males.  <snip> It is when the fingers bend downward.  Not painful but
does cause trouble shaking hands. >>>>

Well, I ain't no male - BUT this is something I had a couple of years ago.
Shaking hands (we have a *session* of it a church every Sunday) was extremely
painful. To retain my *friendliness*, I clutched a handkerchief which allowed
me to keep my little finger underneath to alleviate the pain while my index
finger was extended to shake. My wrists also hurt enough every few years that
I must wear an elastic wrap for a few months, then it clears up. Hmmmmm - it's
been quite awhile since I've had to do that. (now I will!).

Oh - add
Yeast infections
to that list. (~_^)

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