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[IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

Hi All
I got so aggravated today because of people who don't understand  
D and the pump. Yet again in the medical field too. 

I was suppose to have a sleep study done tonight and have waited 
for the appointment for over a month. The clinic called me late this 
afternoon to tell me that I can't have it done in the clinic 2 minutes 
from my house but have to wait another couple of weeks to have it 
done in a clinic that in in a hospital because of the diabetes.

Their reasoning because there is a possibility that I could go low 
during the night and might have to be administered glucagon that 
the tech will not be able to give me. That I can't rely on the tech to 
know that I'm low and to help. I told them that I can take precaution 
to make sure that I wouldn't go low by cutting my basal rate for the 
night. I don't have a problem with them calling the rescue squad if it 
came to that. I fully and at length explained what a low blood sugar 
was and how I react at night. This was all to a medical doctor!! And 
I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat that I do not have a 
shunt in. and all for a test that wasn't even going to last 7 hours.

Bottom line: I have to wait a few more weeks to have it done in a 
medical facility, that this clinic will continue to take diabetics but 
not those on a pump because we run a higher risk of going low at 
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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