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Re: [IP] Depression causes

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> Now Darrin,
> Good man that you are, you said >>>
> >>>This is an important point.  Most depression is caused by
> cognitive distortions NOT chemical probelms thus antidepressants
> can't help in all cases.<<<<<<<<<<
> This does not match the causes in the studies I have read.  Please
>  share your sources and sites for your statement.

I think that there is a difference between "depression" and DEPRESSION.
When most people refer to being depressed, they're talking about being a
little bit blue for a day or two. Or even a week. 

Then there are those of us who have to exert every ounce of our energy
trying not to kill ourselves for months on end. 

Feeling blue IS environmental, and everyone has blue periods. This is
entirely normal, and doesn't usually need medications -- they probably
wouldn't help anyway, as Darrin said. MOST people who casually say
they're depressed probably fall in this category. Talk therapy works
VERY well with these people, and cognitive therapy has been found to be

However, major DEPRESSION is NOT normal, and not what most people think
about when you mention depression -- and most of the time,
anti-depressants work very well. There are, however, some people who
have bipolar disorder who do not respond to medications very well -- but
that doesn't mean it's not chemical, only that there are no drugs that
specifically target their particular imbalance.

To make this DM related, I had my first major depression when I was in
the 5th grade, long before I got diabetes. However, I have found that
when my BGs are up, I feel more depressed, and also tend not to take as
good care of myself, which only makes the depression worse. Vicious

One of the things the pump does for me is keep on pumping -- sometimes I
omit boluses, but even the basal alone keeps me going. When I first got
the pump, the nurse who did the interviews was concerned that I might
try to use it to commit suicide -- but if you think about it, if you
want to commit suicide by insulin overdose, you can do it with a

Just so I don't scare anyone out there -- I'm not intending to commit
suicide, and have a psychiatrist who works with me to keep things under
control, so don't worry. But I DO want you to know that major depression
is actually a brain disease, and not because of distorted thinking. If
anything, the distorted thinking comes from the disease rather than vice

And if anyone wants to think less of me because I have this illness,
feel free. 
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