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Re: [IP] where do i get pump suplpies?

<Do i buy pump suplies at the pharmacy or where?
My insurance company (well disability of ontario) would like me to make a
list of the items i need and the prices.
Maybe if there is someone in ontario they can help me , but a list of
supplies will be nice too
thanks everyone for the help >

I live in Ontario, and ordered my supplies from "respicare" at 
1-800-267-6352.  You should be able to get a list of supplies from the sales 
rep who got you your pump, if thats how you got one. Also, you can look at 
the Mimimed website.

Hope this helps. I ordered silhouettes, quicksets and IV prep stuff from 
there. Everything arrives really quickly.  I also ordered a thigh thing for 
my pump -be careful, you can't return accesories and this thigh thing is so 
big for me it fits around my waist!

dx 04/99
pumping 5 weeks!
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