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[IP] 2 days after surgery

Well I have to say that the surgery went very well.  I woke up at 75 so 
decided to keep my basals running at 70% for the day.  I ran 130, 145 and 
then 122 just before the surgery.
Every person who worked with me said they'd never seen an insulin pump in 
person though.  They used my numbers and didn't insist on doing my blood 
sugars when they wanted them, just asked me.  They did my blood sugars when i 
was too out of it to do it though.  I didn't have to argue about the iv, got 
no dextrose from the beginning (I think one of the anes. dr's the other day 
had said they'd had trouble before with giving dextrose to diabetics during 
surgery).  The anes. dr i did have was wonderful I explained about the pump 
and how to stop it if it became necessary.  I also explained about the 70% 
and what to do if an alarm went off during surgery.  He had me go thru it 
twice.  Oh and the OR nurse introduced herself and started asking pump 
questions, her daughter is a diabetic and wants a pump.  She hadn't been sure 
it was a good thing.  I gave her an ear full all the way into the operating 
room and until they started to put me under.
She was impressed and glad to hear the pump was such a good thing, started 
telling the other nurses what i had told her.
When I woke up in recovery they took my blood sugar and it was 78.
I don't know how it was during the surgery but assume it was fine since they 
didn't tell me anything else.  I had a wonderful lunch with all kinds of 
juice  :)  Felt pretty good til i got home and then was sick to my stomach 
most of the night and all the next day, couldn't eat.
Thanks to the pump my blood sugars were fine the whole time i couldn't eat.  
Finally got something for nausea and last night was able to eat and take the 
pain pill without it making me sick.  Still sleeping a lot today.
Sounds like my surgeon thought the surgery will definately help, those nerves 
were very tightly constricted in the cubital tunnel and should work much 
better where he moved them.
Here is a website that explains cubital tunnel syndrome and that pain in the 
elbow and the surgery i had if anyone is interested.

Now if i could just figure out how to tape a garbage bag over my arm that 
stays taped so my arm dressing doesn't get wet and i can wash my hair!!

Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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