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[IP] Re: Charcot Foot LONG

I had a Charcot foot which was not diagnosed for almost a year.  I worked on 
my feet all day in pain.  Soon as I got home I spent the remainder of the 
night taking a pain pill, rubbing my foot, and keeping a cold pack on it.  It 
was horrible!  At the time, I was seeing a Rheumatologist for Polymyositis.  
She never offered to x-ray.  Gave me several steroid injections and dose 
packs.  No help. Finally my family doctor sent me to a Podiatrist who took 
one look at my red, swollen bulging arch and called it Charcot Foot.
He wrapped it tightly with an insert in the arch of my foot and put me in an 
orthopedic flat sandal.  I will never forget sliding off of that table onto 
my foot and for the very first time in a year, there was no pain.  The 
following week he put me in a boot thing that went up to my knee.  Very 
awkward, cumbersome etc. but NO MORE pain!  I wore the boot for 8 mos. until 
the broken bones were bonded together.  I now have custom made arch supports 
I wear in my shoes and even slippers.  I can no longer wear any dress shoe 
with a heel and no sandals.  My right foot is wider than my left from the 
arch crumbling into a heap at the bottom of my foot.  The Podiatrist warned 
me in no uncertain terms that I could very easily loose my foot if it was not 
taken care of.  I don't know how, but I was really lucky there were no 
ulcerations on the foot.  For more info check out the web under Charcot Foot. 
 Lots of info. there Sorry this is so long but you asked about it.
Take care and hope things go well for you all
Jackie P
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