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[IP] WV driver's license

Subject: Re: [IP] WV driver's license

In a message dated 5/30/01 8:39:48 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> about 10 years ago, maybe more, there was legilation being considered in
> arizona that would make it manditory for a diabetic to have a doctor
> confirm in writing that the diabetic had had no altered states of
> conciousness during the preceding year in order to get a drivers

in Illinois, you have to have a doc's medical release stating that you are
safe to drive before they will issue you a license (that is if you tell them
you have diabetes).....
- ---------------------------------------------------------- GiNa with the
usual no ExplaNation4me
New Jersey has Similar legislation. If you state you are diabetic and on
insulin they require a long form with every intimate detail of your health
being the subject of intense scrutiny by a panel of diabetes physicians, as
well as anyone at the DMV who might see your forms (actually they are quite
respectful of your privacy in NJ and only people in the "driver improvement"
section see the info). The forms were designed by a diabetologist who I know
and respect and are designed to get info on your ability to drive. As long as
things are done respecting your privacy I don't think it's a bad idea. I
always answered the diabetes questions no. The form for psychotics only has a
few questions such as "do you think the applicant is homocidal or a serial
killer?" Jeffrey Daumer could have gotten a DL in NJ!  All in all,  NJ is the
most regulated state I ever lived in. I can't take care of my wife there
because I have a sexual relationship with her. Pennsylvania's law isn't much
better but it is close. spot
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