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[IP] Thanks for Humalog mix suggestions

I just wanted to thank Michael & Sylvia & several
others who recommended trying a Humalog mix to help
Luke's sites last the full 3 days expected.  We're
only 1-1/2 weeks into using this, but so far, it's
great!  We're doing Humalog & Regular, mainly because
we have LOTS of Regular left from his MDI, in about a
5:1 ratio.  His sites have lasted 3+days, and they
also feel softer than they had in the past month.  We
were also very glad that our Mini-Med CDE & Endo were
very supportive of trying this - they didn't see any
reason not to, and thought we should take the driver's
seat in this.  We'll see how it holds up with the
activity at Camp Bluebonnet in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully we're on our way to a smoother few months.  
Thanks for the help. 
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/99,
pumping 3/5/01, green MM508 as yet unnamed

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