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Re: [IP] Trip to Water Park

> Our family is planning a 3 day trip to a large water park here in
> Texas.  My son is pumping with the H-Tron Plus, and we all know the
> waterproof status of this pump.  Would anyone out there that has had
> similar experiences please give me some advice about how we handle
> an all day water fun-n-sun type day. Our endo has told us that he
> should only be disconnected  1 (one) hour per day, and he is not
> liking this at all, as he usually spends 3-4 hours a day in the pool
> during the summer months. 

Well..... I hate to contradict a doc, but disconnecting for swimming, 
for Lily anyway, is a non-event. The energy lost to water-heat 
transfer usually pretty closely balances her insulin needs. When she 
goes to raging waters, she disconnects in the morning, reconnects for 
lunch and again for a snack in the late afternoon. It is unusual if 
her bgs are not in the 75-190 range. YMMV of course. The most 
straightforward way to approach summer swimming is to just keep an 
eye on the trends. If you see bg's typically rising or falling after 
similar swimming/time periods, adjust accordingly with pre-swim or 
post-swim bolus or simple snack -- like crackers, cheezits, etc...  
Works for us.

With regular swimming (not the rage kind :-) testing and reconnecting 
for just sitting around usually keeps things just fine at the beach 
or lake.


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