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Re: [IP] Lilly's accidental bolus

> >!  I didn't want to have to
> >  treat accidental boluses like Michael told of Lilly's
> bolus curtesy of her
> >  brother's toe!!<
> Michael could fill you in on this one, but if I remember the
> incident correctly, it had nothing to do with the lack of a
> lock-out feature.

The incident occured when Lily was 12yo. when we were camping summer 
by the American River -- way out in the boondocks. It was in the late 
afternoon when Lily gave Will a piggyback ride. Will was 5 as I 
recall. Lily's pump was clipped to her waste band and Will managed to 
push open the door on the pump and partially dislodge the syringe 
with his foot -- THEN, he managed to push the syringe and deliver 
most of the contents to Lily. Neither of them was aware of what was 
going on. When she put Will down she discovered the syringe hanging 
out of the pump and came looking for me. I thought about trying to 
get her to a medical facility and decided against it figuring that it 
would be better to treat her immediately and vigorously than to hunt 
around for medical help. We spent all night sitting up popping 
glucose tabs every 20 - 30 minutes to keep ahead of the falling bg's. 
Best guess is that she infused about 90 units of insulin. Fortunately 
we had several 50 tab bottles of glucose with us and plenty of food. 
She ate a few snacks, but mainly relied on the glucose to keep her 
bgs in the 60 - 150 range. Estimated bg fall rate was several hundred 
points per hour. 

I talked to her endo when we returned home and he said that we choose 
the best course of action. Oral glucose can be administered 
faster and in greater quantity than any other method. Lily was fine, 
a little tired the next day, but no worse for the wear.

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