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Re: [IP] Protein and elevated BG's

At 14:26 5/29/01, you wrote:
> > I read in my carbs counter book that a meal high in protein can
> > increase your blood sugar.  Has anyone had this happen to them?
> >
> > I had a terrific 2 hour post meal bg (129 mg/dl) and 2 hours later
> > (4 hours total post meal), by blood sugar shot up to over 300 with
> > no explanation.
> >
> > The only logical explanation was the two large hamburgers I had as
> > part of the meal.  Could the fat, and protein have inhibited the
> > carbs until 4 hours after the meal?
> >
>When you eat a "bunch" of protein as in your two large hamburgers,
>you must account for the conversion of protein to carb. This process
>takes many hours so the bg rise will not occur until much later
>compared to ingesting carbs from bread, sugar, etc..... There is a
>conversion factor for protein in Pumping Insulin -- sorry I don't
>remember the formula.
>email @ redacted

I just visited my CDE the the doctors office and am encouraged.  I seem to 
be doing well.  Doing adjustments to fine tune etc.

I spoke with her about he protein issue and she confirmed someone else's 
suggestion that 50 percent of protein can be converted to carbs elevating BGs.

she suggested counting 1 oz of protein to 7 g protein and then taking 50 

she suggested to bolus immediately, unless there is lot of fat, but could 
not define "a lot" very well.  So, in other words, I have to experiment to 
see what works for me, I guess.


Some days are just not worth chewing through the restraints to participate 
in. ;-)
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