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RE: [IP] De Pression

>But that frustration, and anger at having this damned disease, etc., is not
>depression.  Depression is a clinical condition that is treatable, not
>simply having an emotional response.  Let me repeat: depression is

...and let me repeat:  NOT FOR EVERYONE.  I really wish people would not 
put us all into the same category.  Bottom line I don't care what illness / 
disease we have, we all REACT differently and are not the SAME!  I can 
guarantee you if you had walked in my shoes you would not be making such a 
statement as you did above.  I have tried every antidepressant known to man 
and not one has worked for me.  I also know several diabetics who have been 
told my doctors and research that diabetics don't respond well to 
antidepressants.  So, please in future don't be so exact and remember we 
are all different and statements like yours can be construed as insensitive 
and cruel.

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