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[IP] QuickSet Order

You know, I'm really surprised at these pump companies (notice I said pump
COMPANIES, they're really all the same as far as being able to supply
products to their customers).  I just called MiniMed hoping to place an
order for 1 box of QuickSets... no go, they're not taking any orders for
them.  Why is it that they come out with new sets (which I'm sure they know
are going to become quite popular) and then they can't keep up with the
demand for them?  Disetronic has also been guilty of this with their
UltraFlexes.  I sure wish they would all do whatever is necessary to get
production of the new infusion sets in line with the demand.  Obviously
they're all having a problem with meeting demand.  I was able to place an
order with Disetronic for 1 box of UltraFlexes (still with the 24" tubing,
they tell me the longer tubings should be out sometime the end of the
summer).  Promises, promises... *sigh*

RoseLea (getting frustrated with the new infusion sets and pump companies'
customer service)
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