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[IP] Diabetes & Depression

Darrin Said: "...Divorce & social retardations..." on his list of stuff 
diabetics are prone to suffer ....Can you explain that one a bit.....?   
Now, about depression, I wonder which came first the diabetes or 
the depression?   Didn't I just read something about that?  To the 
someone who just asked about depression - get thee to your family 
doctor, or a licensed therapist asap.   I waited far too long.  If I had 
only known how easy it was to feel like I was supposed to feel, I 
would not have let pride keep me from telling what I really felt.  I 
had said FINE for years!   Then I learned from my daughter in the 
NA program what fine really means.....
F - F---ed Up
I - insecure
N - neurotic
E - emotional.

Now, I take my Prozac every morning and, yes, I have read the 
horror stories about a Prozac nation, but it works for me and I have 
become several tons lighter in my soul.  
Bonnie Richardson
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