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Re: [IP] Morning Basal Testing

In a message dated 5/31/01 7:06:08 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> At first, I thought it was a fluke,
> maybe a reaction to a untreated night low or something, but now I don't
> think that is the problem.  Also, if I make my basal rate high enough to
> keep my morning blood sugars constant without eating, I will go low when I
> eat.  

sounds to me like your basal may be too LOW and your carb ratio may be too 
HIGH (meaning increase your basal and lower your carb ration so you eat more 
carb with less insulin)..... i always get the "too high" and "too low" 
confused when talking about the carb ration, thus the explanation...LOL
if your basal is set correctly, your sugars should remain within 30 pts 
throughout the morning.  you mentioned if you don't eat that your sugar 
rises.  this is my reasoning for the statement that your basal is too low.  
talk with your doctor about maybe going up a tenth on your basal and dropping 
maybe 2 or 3 on your carb ratio.....
Good Luck!
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