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[IP] Morning Basal Testing


I have been trying to do my morning basal rate testing for some time now and
I am running into a problem.  I believe that my morning basal rate is
correct, because I don't have any problems whenever I eat breakfast.  My
post-meals blood sugars are always on target.  However, when I don't eat
breakfast, my blood sugar always rises.  At first, I thought it was a fluke,
maybe a reaction to a untreated night low or something, but now I don't
think that is the problem.  Also, if I make my basal rate high enough to
keep my morning blood sugars constant without eating, I will go low when I
eat.  I know that I do have to jack up my basal rate during the early
morning to cover a dawn phenomenon.  Could this rise in my blood sugar when
I don't eat be a part of this?  Has anyone else experienced this?

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