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Re: [IP] De Pression

So who with diabetes isn't depressed? :-\  You have to take care of your 
diabetes on top of everything else in your life while wondering what the 
future holds for you.

I remember one endo visit when it seemed that nothing I did was right. My 
averages were too low. My blood pressure was too high. I'd gained weight. I 
couldn't remember to take my BP meds all the time. I couldn't remember the 
name of one of my other doctors ... 

The next day, I reorganized myself and faxed a note to my endo telling him 
what I'd done. I ended by saying that I was having a problem with depression 
and just couldn't handle *everything*. I got an immediate call from him, 
asking if I was seeing a doctor for the depression. Was I getting meds for 
it? Was I seeing a therapist? (Yes, yes, yes.)

So, they're used to depression being a complication of diabetes. Most really 
care about us and want us to get help.

Depression can be caused by too much stress. The stress of daily living -- 
working, taking care of your family -- and the stress of taking care of your 
diabetes on top of that. My doctor explained that, just as my body needs 
insulin, my brain needs certain chemicals. It has enough chemicals to handle 
"this much" stress -- but needs help when I have "that much" stress. That was 
when I began thinking of taking meds for depression as getting something I 
needed -- not as a personality flaw.

Jan and Elvis
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