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[IP] more DM complications

Darrin Parker wrote a list of DM complications:
Perriphial Neropathy (sp?)
Autotomic Neropathy (sp?)
Heart disease
high blood presure
urinary incontinence
Bowel incontenence
Open sores (which last for decades in many cases)
Charcot's Foot (nasty)
Female sexual dysfunctions
Divorce & social retardations
retarded physical development in youth type I's
    I know I forgot a few... >>>>

I'll add:
Frozen shoulder
Trigger finger(s)
Toenail fungus
Endometriosis (women) ;)
Dry skin
Sun sensitivity
DM cataracts
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hardening of the arteries
Early menopause (sometimes)
ETC. (the most important one)  (~_^)

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