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[IP] De Pression

>>     Study Shows Diabetes Doubles Risk for Depression

I think I have the this.  I have constant anxiety and signs of depression
but am to scared to say anything to anyone especially a doctor.  I have
always been a worrier but the last year it seems to be over whelming me.
Should I be concerned anyone else feel this way?     <<


I doubt that you have it. Only fools and strange people get depressed. The rest
of us have Formastiblephis. Unfortunately, for us, Formastiblephis is
untreatable and is uniformly fatal. In another ten years there will be a cure,

Only kidding. Yes you DO have clinical depression. You and I both have it. In
fact it is the MOST common complaint of people who make an appointment to see
their doctor in this country today. (I am speaking of the United States of
Amerigo Vespuci).

I took 	Prozac for about two years before I decided (and my physician concurred)
that it wasn't helping as much as we had hoped it would. So, now, I am taking
Celexa and it _IS_ working. Everyone responds differently to the many different
anti depression medicines. I would strongly suggest to you that you ask your
doctor for HIS help. They LOVE to do this. It is one of the best things they do.
And, if at first you aren't satisfied, remember that there are many, many, other
types of drugs JUST FOR THIS ONE CONDITION. One of them WILL work for you and
you will be AMAZED at how much better it makes you feel. You can take my word
for it.

As a final note, it is not uncommon, for the nurse who makes your appointment
with the doctor, to get you in to see him or her the very next day. They do NOT
like to mess around with this condition. People have been known to DIE while
waiting for treatment.
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