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Re: [IP] Disetronic Power of choice

I received a letter in March, and I  got the wonderful news from Disetronic 
that my H-TRON wasn't waterproof anymore.  I am very active during the summer 
months around water (waterskiing and kneeboarding; and just being near the 
water) and being that my pump wasn't no longer waterproof, this hindered my 
lifestyle.  If I wanted a non-waterproof pump I would've gotten a Minimed 508 
or something similar.

Anyways, I called the Disetronic 800 number on the back of my pump many times 
and talked to the Manager of Pump Support, I forget her name, and told her of 
my concern with the news that I received.  She told me to get ahold of my rep 
and talk to him about it.  Well, I talked to him the beginning of last week 
(today is May 30th) and he told me the demand for the D-TRON is big.  He also 
told me that he would go ahead and put in the paper work for a "straight up 
trade" for my H-TRON's to get a D-TRON and the insulin pen that comes with 
the D-TRON.  He told me that I would receive the pump after Memorial Day 
holiday.  I haven't had any correspondance from him, nor have I received my 
new pump yet.

Waiting to have fun in the water this summer,

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