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[IP] Re: Trip to water park

Beverly wrote:
>>>Our endo has told us that he should only be disconnected  1 (one) hour per
day, and he is not liking this at all, as he usually spends 3-4 hours a day in
the pool during the summer months>>>

I think your endo is not up to speed. Back in the *olden days* we were not to
disconnect for more than one hour a day. We used Regular insulin (beef/pork or
pork = Velosulin) and pumps even bolused for meals at the *appropriate* times
if they had clocks in them. I balked at the idea of a clock cuz I wanted to be
in control - not by the time of day! I'm sure Michael will tell you your son
can have all the fun in the sun he wants - and how to do it. His Lily is a
swimmer/diver and lots of experience. I just wanted to let you know your endo
needs updating. (~_^)

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