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Re: [IP] Study Shows Diabetes Doubles Risk for Depression

The severe mood swings and cognitive distortions associated with blood
glucose levels are well documented.  Physically eleivated bg's cause stress
hormones to be released which increse depressin and relese more stress
hormones.  Once bg levels are above 120 for more than a few hours
depression takes over and we're inot the loop.  This is one reason high
bg;s are harder ot correct for than slightly high bg's.  Of course hypos
simply wipe the brain chemstry and upset the brain chemistry for hours to
days after the bg's are corrected.

It has been my expereince, as well as many other long termers (diabetes for
over 20 years) that there is a long term cumulative effect of these highs
and lows resulting in premanent brain dysfunctions realting to congitive
and thus mood & depression mis-activities.  As the study cited here
indicates, experience is confirmed at a later date by scientific stats.

The interelation of hormones and chemicals in the body in general is not
well understood.  And we diabetics are short of many hormones other than
insulin!  Hopefully the C-Peptide studies will result in a few years to
additional hormone therapy for us so that many complictaions can be avoided.

I beleive depression will soon be added to the long list of diabetes
complications (which seem to arrise even with tight control):

Perriphial Neropathy (sp?)
Autotomic Neropathy (sp?)
Heart disease
high blood presure
urinary incontinence
Bowel incontenence
Open sores (which last for decades in many cases)
Charcot's Foot (nasty)
Female sexual dysfunctions
Divorce & social retardations
retarded physical development in youth type I's

I know I forgot a few... ...oh yeah... "spelling problems".

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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