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[IP] WV driver's license

HI all, Just thought I'd let anyone who happens to live in West Virginia  
know that you can be designated as a diabetic as well as an organ donor on 
you driver's license. ( I already had the organ donor symbol) . The symbol is 
the lower left hand corner of your picture, and it is a red D with a smaller 
M going thought the straight part of the D. Just go to the DMV & pick up a 
renewal form & have your doc sign it, verifying that you are a diabetic. (I 
paid my $5 for a duplicate license & got mine done today:0). Just thought 
this was a good idea. I sure wish I had it a few years ago when my husband & 
I got pulled over & the officer thought I was a druggie because of my spare 
syringes in the glove box. (Nothing came of it, I did have my insulin 
presciption in my purse, thank God!!) Anyway, just thought it was a good idea 
to get it put on your license.
Jennifer & Oscar(my kids named my pump--green MM508)
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