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Re: [IP] Study Shows Diabetes Doubles Risk for Depression

Sara said,

I think I have the this.  I have constant anxiety and signs of depression
but am to scared to say anything to anyone espcially a doctor.  I have
always been a worrier but the last year it seems to be over whelming me.
Should I be concerned anyone else feel this way?

I've also been a worrier most of my life, but the past year has really been
bad.  Overwhelmed and axious are really the only words I could use to
describe how I felt.  Then about a month ago, I finally talked to my doctor.
He put me on Prozac and Xanax, and let me tell you, I'm a new person!  I
know there is no such thing as a magic pill, but these medications have
REALLY helped me!  I've stopped the Xanax, and am only taking 10 mg of
Prozac a day now, and I feel much more able to deal with things.  It wasn't
a fix-all, but did give me the ability to handle things better.

Hope this helps,
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