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[IP] Ultraflex by Disetronic

I have tried all available sets, softset QR, SIls, Tenders as well as the new 
MM set.
If you are using the softset you might want to try the Ultraflex by D. It 
goes in on a 90 degree angle, has its own built in tape and causes no trauma. 
It does not have a insertion device and disconnects at the site like a sil or 
tender, but you can reattach either way, not only on one side, a real bonus 
when your in a rush. I believe if you call Disetronic in MN they will send 
you samples. They only have them available in 24 inch tubing and will release 
the 33 inch in a month or two. I found it much more comfortable than any 
other set but YMMV

Brad , pumping 17 years till a cure do we part.
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