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Re: [IP] minimed

Finally, someone else that has experienced the same thing I was trying to
discuss on here, just last week, geeeee Kevin, maybe you had a reason for
your comments after all, it seems there is much truth to the MM customer
service issue after all...  Ohh by the way i am glad others are finally
speaking out.  I was beginning to think that this IP list was sorta ran like
a communist country, especially with some of the postings directed back
about the Service issue at MiniMed..

Furb :o}
here's a thought "Avoid Foot in Mouth Disease"
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Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 3:32 PM
Subject: [IP] minimed

> I have to admit that I am rather disappointed with the service I have
> received from Minimed as of late. I have been on the phone with them and
> insurance company for a week and a half because I wanted to try the quick
> set with the inserter without committing to a 3 month supply. I followed
> minimed's instructions - ordered my regular 3 month supply and when I
> received it called them to exchange one box of the soft set for one box of
> the quick set (so that I would get a free inserter). I even asked them if
> this would be a problem since I heard (from this group) that they were
> running low. I assured by a sales rep and she even confirmed with her
> manager that it would be no problem. Of course, when I called back they
> me that they wouldn't have told me that. Then their story became well we
> actually did tell you that but our supply is totally gone (within 5 days
> my last phone call). I spoke with two different managers and got two more
> stories. One even said that I could buy a box with inserter if I wanted
> they wouldn't exchange it because the insurance company wouldn't allow it.
> explained that the box exchange was their idea and if the was true then
> did they suggest it. I do not want to commit insurance fraud if this is
> illegal or something. Then she said well yes it is legal but minimed was
> longer willing to exchange for the quick set -  just the soft set and
> silhouette.  The next manager said that I wasn't able to buy a box because
> the stock was so low and that the quick set wouldn't be available until
> August and that I should think about how she feels having to talk to so
> angry customers with regard to the quick set. As if being out of stock was
> somehow MY fault? I am not so annoyed that they are out of the product,
> that their customer service has been so poor the last few times that I
> called. At least tell me upfront that supplies are low and don't promise
> something you are unwilling to deliver. (When I had problems with the tape
> had to call back to a different sales rep to get a sample of the bard
> adhesive. The second sales rep was very nice and apologize that time.)
> Hopefully the buy-out will bring back the wonderful customer service I saw
> year ago when I went on the pump.
> patiently waiting until August,
> Donna
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