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[IP] minimed

I have to admit that I am rather disappointed with the service I have
received from Minimed as of late. I have been on the phone with them and my
insurance company for a week and a half because I wanted to try the quick
set with the inserter without committing to a 3 month supply. I followed
minimed's instructions - ordered my regular 3 month supply and when I
received it called them to exchange one box of the soft set for one box of
the quick set (so that I would get a free inserter). I even asked them if
this would be a problem since I heard (from this group) that they were
running low. I assured by a sales rep and she even confirmed with her
manager that it would be no problem. Of course, when I called back they told
me that they wouldn't have told me that. Then their story became well we
actually did tell you that but our supply is totally gone (within 5 days of
my last phone call). I spoke with two different managers and got two more
stories. One even said that I could buy a box with inserter if I wanted but
they wouldn't exchange it because the insurance company wouldn't allow it. I
explained that the box exchange was their idea and if the was true then why
did they suggest it. I do not want to commit insurance fraud if this is
illegal or something. Then she said well yes it is legal but minimed was no
longer willing to exchange for the quick set -  just the soft set and
silhouette.  The next manager said that I wasn't able to buy a box because
the stock was so low and that the quick set wouldn't be available until
August and that I should think about how she feels having to talk to so many
angry customers with regard to the quick set. As if being out of stock was
somehow MY fault? I am not so annoyed that they are out of the product, more
that their customer service has been so poor the last few times that I have
called. At least tell me upfront that supplies are low and don't promise me
something you are unwilling to deliver. (When I had problems with the tape I
had to call back to a different sales rep to get a sample of the bard
adhesive. The second sales rep was very nice and apologize that time.)
Hopefully the buy-out will bring back the wonderful customer service I saw a
year ago when I went on the pump.

patiently waiting until August,
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