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[IP] in defense of MiniMed, reply to quikset vents

Hi all,
I think it pays to remember that it is not uncommon for products of ANY kind
to sell either way more or way less than companies expect. Clearly they try
to estimate, conservatively, what the market will bear. I do not believe
they will not be selling them any more, just temporarily took them off the
on-line site so as not to get even more behind in orders.
We have dealt with MiniMed for almost 5 years now, and they have always had
pollite, prompt, and efficient customer service. It is unfair to start
slamming them now, IMO.
Also, if you have instructed UPS to deliver to your door rather than the end
of your driveway, you should take the problem up with them.
Personally, I am happy that Minimed keeps developing new products, and I am
willing to put up with the occasional glitch while they do so.  We are still
using the silhouette here, as my son had several boxes left. And we have
been happy with them. Were looking forward to the quickset, but we can wait.
Would anyone like to go back to injections, to punish Minimed??? (just
joking, don't kill me)
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