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Re: [IP] Re: Quick Set vent

That's what I mean- I found out through this list about the order page being
pulled. I then called about my order of the sets. The order taking person
told me the quick sets were never going to be sold again- I repeated her
reply back to her by saying "the quick sets will Never be sold again? And
she said right. This is what I mean-the sales people don't seem to know what
is going on, they don't have their facts right (well, maybe they do?) and
from 2 different people this AM I got  different stories.  I'll be sending
my order back once it gets here. This is my complaint that it is difficult
to get the right story about what is going on.
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> >>>It seems I never get straight stories from the sales representives when
> placing orders. No one has the same answers..What gives with this company?
> they not give in-service training? I could have been told QuickSets were
> longer being sold- >>>
> My understanding is they pulled the order page until they get enough
> to fill requests - not that they will no longer be sold. There was a run
> the market and this was the temporary solution. Am I wrong? (~_^)
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