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Re: [IP] non-breakable medical alert bracelet.

I've been a diabetic for 14 years this July 28th.  I've gone through at least 
8 medic alert braclets in this time.  The one that I have now is silver 
rather than the stanless steel braclet that costs 20 dollars or however much 
it costs.  The silver one cost me around 50 dollars, but I also donated to 
the ADA through them also.  I never take my braclet off for whatever I am 
doing whether it be waterskiing or kneeboarding out on the lake, playing 
basketball or football with friends.......this one seems to never come off.  
But now that I say this, it probably will and I'll have to get another 

Anyways, try taking it off during rougher play times, because I do remember 
doing that while in high school either wrestling or playing football for the 
school.  Try maybe ordering the silver braclet.....I love mine......AND it 
doesn't fade, it keeps the silver color.

Jon......pumping 1 1/2 years on Disetronic H-Tron soon to be D-Tron
24 years old
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