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Re: [IP] Re: Quick Set vent

At 07:47 AM 5/30/2001 J Hughey wrote:
 >>>>It seems I never get straight stories from the sales representives when
 >placing orders. No one has the same answers..What gives with this company? Do
 >they not give in-service training? I could have been told QuickSets were no
 >longer being sold- >>>
 >My understanding is they pulled the order page until they get enough produced
 >to fill requests - not that they will no longer be sold. There was a run on
 >the market and this was the temporary solution. Am I wrong? (~_^)

Sales for new products are very tricky. Just because we know now that this 
is a hot item, doesn't mean that they realized this 6 months or a year ago. 
There have been a lot of great ideas that have flopped, which would have 
caused them to be stuck with a massive inventory. It's a fine line to walk. 
So usually the first production of something brand new is based on best 
guesses of their popularity. Sometimes the predictions are right, sometimes 
they are wrong. Obviously in this case they underestimated the initial 
sales. I'd think this is pretty typical for a new offering. Once they get 
the production right, it should be readily available for everyone.

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