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Re: [IP] 150% of Basal

Patrick G. Jobe wrote:
> > The Animas and Disetronic pumps use a percentage, so that you don't
> > haveto recalculate your basal rates everytime your rates change in a
> > 24 hourperiod.  It automatically increases your normal basal rate by
> > 150%.  MM pumps don't do this because they can only deliver a .1
> > unit at a time.
> The stated fact is correct. The MM  pumps do not support the "feature" of
> specifying temp basal as a percentage. However the reason is not because the
> 0.1 unit increment creates a limitation. That would cause no problem if they
> wanted to support this feature. The pump would just adjust the time between
> 0.1u increments as needed.

Plus you can specify exactly how many units per hour -- which is
mathematically hard to figure as a percent, but easy if you know what
your increase or decrease should be. 

For example, if I'm normally on 0.5 units, and want to increase it, I
can do so in any amount -- 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, etc. or even up to whatever
amount I've set as a maximum basal!!

Note: this is meant to be informational, not pump bashing!
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