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Re: [IP] Diabetics Unit against Cancer *Update*

At 10:52 PM 5/29/01, you wrote:
>could someone please explain to me how this works?  I read the webpage and
>joined, etc, but I still don't understand how they can get a protein match by
>using my computer?!?
>HELP.....I feel like an idiot...LOL

Basically what the program does is takes a single molecule and bends it 
folds it to try and make it interact with a single protien that is used in 
cancer growth.  If the molecule "interacts" with the protein then it could 
mean that, that molecule can be used in a treatment.  they are testing 
Hundreds of millions of molecules against 4 protiens.

here is a clipping from the site:

"Participants in the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project are sent 
a unit of molecules over the Internet. Their PC will analyze the molecules 
using drug-design software called THINK. The THINK software analyzes the 
molecular data by creating a three-dimensional model and changing its shape 
(or conformation) to attempt to dock it into a protein site. When a 
conformation docks successfully and triggers an interaction with the 
protein, it registers as a "hit". These hits are what this research hinges 
on. Any one hit may be the one that will ultimately lead to a cure. All 
hits are recorded, ranked as to strength, and filed for the next stage of 
the project."

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