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Re: [IP] NY Times article about DPT-1, Genetic link

Research has shown that Type 1 DM has genetic &
environmental triggers - you need both to develop it. 
The Diabetes Prevention Trial - Type 1, DPT-1, is easy
to test for.  It's a simple blood test (venous).  We
were able to do it at my son's diabetes camp last year
for our other 2 children & my husband & me.  We all
came back negative for the antibodies this time, and
so aren't eligible to participate.  But children
should be tested frequently as those triggers can
still be lurking out there.    Having the antibodies
indicates about a 15% likelihood of developing Type 1
DM.  But statistics seem meaningless when it hits
close - I know a family whose youngest son was
diagnosed, their older boy showed the antibodies & 2
months later he developed Type 1.  The good thing was
with knowing that he was at risk they monitored his
blood sugar & caught him very early.    

We all monitor our blood sugar from time to time with
Luke, our 6 yr. old DM'er.  I strongly encourage
families to participate in this - testing is in a lot
of places, and it's free.   My father has Type 2 and
my son has Type 1.  I figure if there's anything I can
do to slow the spread of these diseases, I'll do it. 
Here's the NIDDK's summary:

Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/99,
pumping MM508 3/5/01

is this really the case? i thought close relatives of
type 1s are a lot less likely to develop the disease
than "10 to 20 times" the general population.

chris parsons
T1 82 disetronic 99

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