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[IP] Pre-Filled Cartridges

>i use htron plus and have been thinking about upgrading. question: how
>do the dtron unfilled resevoirs compare in cost to the htron resevoirs?
>what about prefilled?

>chris parsons
>T1 82 disetronic 99

YIKES! I just called the pharmacy to find out how much the humalog cartridges
would cost me without insurance. I get 2 packs of the pre-filled humalog
cartridges. They are 3 mL cartridges and there are 5 cartridges in a box. The
total price she gave me for the two packs was $230.99. At first, she thought
it was wrong and then she checked it again.

If you pay a deductible per month for prescriptions, the pre-filled cartridges
may actually be cheaper than filling them yourself. I am only paying a $15.00
deductible for a month's prescription (2 packs). I can also do mail order
through our provider...Walgreens Healthcare Plus for $20.00 for 6 packs.
However, I would rather just pay the $15 a month, because last time I got
insulin in the mail from them it was warm and I had to send it back. They sent
it overnight, right before a 3 day weekend, so I didn't see it until Tuesday.

If you have insurance, the glass cartridges from D would come under your
durable medical equipment benefit. If your DME benefit was 100%, and you
didn't have a prescription plan, this would be the way to go. If you don't
have insurance, this would also be the way to go, unless you could afford to
pay the extra money on top of your other supplies and you felt it was worth
the extra cost.

I'm not sure how much D charges for the empty cartridges. On their web site,
there is a filling set with with 10 glass D-Tron cartridges and 10 plastic
3.15 mL cartridges for $95.00.

Also, at my pharmacy a 10 mL vial of Humalog is $37.18.

Carey & Dunkin
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