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Re: [IP] Why I Chose the D-Tron

At 04:20 PM 5/29/2001 Furbee Kevin wrote:
 >I do not understand the pump bashing myself, however MiniMed and D-Tronic
 >both are contributors to the web site so my assumptions lead me to believe
 >this is why there is so much of the defensive posture from some individuals,
 >would be nice to see a forum where pump brands played no role in decision
 >making but here's to wishing!.......All pumps ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL so happy

We actually receive contributions from all 3 companies. However, all the 
comments on the list are from individuals not corporations. I don't see 
how, whether the pump companies contribute or not, it would make any 
difference as to what our 3,200 members think or say. We have no control 
over the opinions that people express.  This is not a moderated list, so 
there is no decision making by the administrators, except to try their best 
to prevent ugly flame wars. Since this particular issue has started hot 
arguments numerous times in the past, we try to get people to just talk 
about the features they've personally used.

The perceived defensiveness you mention has absolutely nothing to do with 
financial support for our website. The contributions they make, by law, are 
quite small since we are a strictly non-profit organization. Instead, it 
more accurately reflects the intense personal feelings that people have 
about their pumps. It's like the endless Ford/Chevy or PC/Mac wars that go 
on in some quarters. An awful lot of people feel strong brand loyalty to 
the one they chose and if someone knocks their choice then it may feel to 
them like it reflects on their decision. This makes it an extremely 
emotional issue, that is sometimes hard to discuss calmly.

You are right that all pumps are not equal... they each have their own 
personalities and strengths. But, the bottom line is that all of them do an 
excellent job and one brand is not inherently better than the other. Just 
choose a pump that fits your lifestyle and you feel comfortable with. There 
is no right or wrong choice here.

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