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[IP] Working Out with Pump

>how long do you stay disconnected/no insulin after exercise?  do you turn it
>off right when you start or an hour before, etc?

I turn it off an hour ahead if I have not eaten anything recently. However, if
you do really heavy cardio stuff you may have to eat *some* during exercise.
Any person with a normal working pancreas would have to do that. You still
won't have to eat like you do on shots.

Another method is to eat dinner (or any other meal), no bolus, and go
*straight* to the gym. Then, I turn the basal off at the gym. I am able to do
this without my sugar getting high. The gym is also less than 5 minutes away.
This *doesn't* mean you can eat lots of fast-acting carbs (i.e., sugar). Eat
something that you know lasts a while and won't shoot you up right away. Pasta
seems to work good for me...doesn't get into the system right away. Also, when
I do this I do a lot of cardio stuff.

However, these are things I have found that work for me. Don't do this based
on my suggestions alone, because you probably won't be the same. You will have
to experiment and see what works for you. I just got the pump last week and I
am still experimenting, myself. Check frequently while you are working out!

Don't forget to turn it back on when you are done!! I could also do a
temporary basal rate, but I'm not always sure how long I am going to stay at
the gym.

Carey & Dunkin
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