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[IP] Re: Trigger finger surgery, and a Glucometer Dex

I have had three fingers released. I am having two more done next Tuesday.
The procedure is rather quick. My doctor takes about ten minutes per finger.
The painful part is the shot of Novocain into the hand, but even that is not
too bad. Recovery time is very quick since it is a local anesthetic. I
usually get off the table, get changed, and start chomping at the bit to
tell someone to let me go home. It's been a few years since I had the last
one done so I don't remember how long I had the bandage on, but it was not
very long. I was back to work the next day. I would recommend you have
someone drive you home so you don't have to use your arm the first day. The
first finger I had done was so far gone that I had to have hand therapy for
a few months to get the finger to straighten out. The other two were no
problem at all. The next two (and the two after that) may be problematic
since I have ignored them for so long. After the surgery, you shouldn't hold
your hand down by your side, but try to keep your elbow bent up. This keeps
blood from pooling in your fingers and causing pain or swelling. I held my
hand up, except when I was in bed, for a couple of days.

Good luck with your surgery and if you get too nervous ask for something to
calm you down.


Hi everyone--I saw a doctor on Friday for a stiff, painful finger and was
told it was trigger finger (which was what I expected).  It was so far gone
that he didn't think a cortisone injection would help for very long and that
it would just come back, and that surgery would fix it quickly with a very
small chance of it coming back.  So I went ahead and scheduled it for this
Friday--apparently it's a quick, five-minute procedure.  I wondered if
on this list has ever had this surgery?  He told me a lot of diabetics seem
to get this trigger finger thing.  If anyone has had this surgery and can
tell me about it (I'm mostly concerned about recovery time, how much pain
I'll be in after, stuff like that...I'm a wimp!) you can email me privately
if you'd like.  I'd just like to hear about your experience with it.

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