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[IP] problems with quick sets (long)

I used Sils for years - then switched to the brand new
quick sets when they first came out.  I love being
able to use them in areas that I could not insert the
sils - my hips and my legs.  But I ran into two
problem this weekend - first I pulled the quick set
right out of my leg when I was trying to pull my pants
down.  And of course, I was not home.  What a pain!  I
had to insert another, lucky I had supplies with me,
because we were leaving on a trip.  So I'm in my
friend's bathroom, and decide to use my abdomen
instead of my leg, cause I need to know that it will
stay in.  I put the quick set into my abdomen with the
inserter.  I went to hook the pump to it (don't
forget, I was just changing my site without changing
the tube, cause it was brand new tubing) and could
not, because there was blood working it's way out of
the quick set.  I pulled the quick set out, and wow,
did I have a gusher!  It took a lot of pressure to
stop the bleeding.  I then had to insert a third one -
which was OK that day, but the next day, in the
shower, blood came up through the cannula again.  At
that point I had to switch to the sils, because I had
no more quick sets with me.
I am now wondering what to do.  I am tempted to go
back to the sils, but I will miss being able to use my
hips and my legs.  If you have any suggestions, please
let me know!
pumping for 5 years.

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