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[IP] Backlight failure

Last night my MM 508 (in use for just 5 weeks) had its
first major problem.The backlight went completely 
dead,but the down button still works.It had had
problems for a couple of days,I'd have to press that
button at least 3 times before the light would cut
on.I called MM,and they're shipping me out a loaner
but if anyone has some insight on how this might have
happened,I would appriciate it.I use the backlight
feature quite often(at least 3-5 times a night)as a
way to be able to tell when to check and get up.Feel
around on the pump,press the button,and voila,you can
see the time and don't have to get out of bed
unessesarily.Very handy,but I was wondering if all
that could've burned out that feature? I changed the
batteries to my pump about a week ago,then these
problems began. I ran a self check,and everything was
ok on that.Everything else works fine.
          Dx'd 12/10/98
          Pumping 4/23/01

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