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[IP] Re: Trigger finger surgery

<Hi everyone--I saw a doctor on Friday for a stiff, painful finger and was
 told it was trigger finger (which was what I expected).....I wondered if
on this list has ever had this surgery?  He told me a lot of diabetics seem
to get this trigger finger thing.  If anyone has had this surgery and can
tell me about it >


I had surgery for trigger finger (or, if you want to get technical about it,
trigger thumb) last December.  I saw an surgeon recommended by my endo - one
who specializes in sports medicine, & the man was wonderful!  The actual
procedure took about ten minutes, & it released a painfully clicking & stiff
joint that had been giving me problems for months.  The surgeon had me
schedule a follow-up appt. for two weeks afterwards, & told me to pretty
much plan on canceling it - he only wanted to see me again if any problems
arose.  (They didn't.)  In some cases, I guess they have you schedule some
physical therapy...since I'm a music teacher, he said my therapy assignment
was to play the piano 20-30 minutes a day.  I had the release done on
December 28th, & played for our district's elementary winter concert on
January 12th with no problems at all!

I know some people say go with the cortisone shots (my endo gave me one in
November, to ease the joint while I was waiting for surgery), but I hope to
never go that route again - a lot of physical pain there (at least, in my
case), & sky-high BG's for a week...kind of tough to gauge whether it was
worth the temporary pain relief.  I don't know what kind of luck others may
report with the surgery, but my experience was really a good one!

Best of Luck with it!
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