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[IP] Re: Re: Why I chose the D-Tron - and I, the MM

In a message dated 5/29/01 1:46:50 PM, Sheila writes:

>Could this be because, at the most, the mm only delivers 2 times an hour
>opposed to every three minutes?  Yes you can have a different amount for
>second half of an hour, but we are talking insulin here.  Even Humalog
>doesn't effect everyone in the 15 mins it claims.

This is not true. My 508 divides the dose/hour into 0.1 incriments and 
delivers them through the hour. If my dose is .6 units in an hour, I get .1 
unit every 10 minutes.  It is a very smoothe delivery, so you don't have 
peaks and valleys.
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