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[IP] Re: Trigger finger surgery

In a message dated 5/29/01 1:46:50 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Hi everyone--I saw a doctor on Friday for a stiff, painful finger and was
>told it was trigger finger (which was what I expected).  It was so far
>that he didn't think a cortisone injection would help for very long and
>it would just come back, and that surgery would fix it quickly with a very
>small chance of it coming back.  So I went ahead and scheduled it for this
>Friday--apparently it's a quick, five-minute procedure.  I wondered if
>on this list has ever had this surgery?  He told me a lot of diabetics
>to get this trigger finger thing. 

I'm glad that this came up now. I injured my right thumb by trying to remove 
something too heavy from the passenger side of my car and it stiffened up. 
The doctor said it was essentially a trigger finger, and the injury had 
probably caused it.
I had 2 sessions with the cortisone which didn't do too much. I  am scheduled 
for the surgery on June 8. I was told it is a quick procedure, and recovery 
will be fast-the stitches come out in 10 days. After that there should be no 
problem. They release the tendon, or the sheathe around it. It is outpatient 
surgery, and I hope they let me keep the pump on. 

The surgeon said to talk to the anest. so I have been following that thread 
that has been on the list recently. I will see my endo before the surgery, 
and see what she has to say.
I will also stress that I need to be scheduled very early due to being a T1 
(just in case they make me remove the pump at the last minute).

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