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Re: [IP] Help! Need an adhesive that works!

I use Smith & Nephew tape...flexgrid opsite, or something like that.  It's 
what my supplier has sent me ever since I started.  My problem is, it sticks 
too much!  I have this horrible red, swollen, itchy blotch when I take my 
site out after 3 days.  And it hurts when I take it off- I really have to 
tug at it.  I have tried only using alcohol to clean the skin, but I have 
the same effect as when I use sticky prep wipes, so that's not the problem.  
I've always had sensitive skin problems on my face, and I'm allergic to 
certain laundry soaps, so maybe I'm allergic to the tape.  Does anyone know 
of tape for sensitive skin?  My supplier (not minimed) said that's the only 
tape they have, but there's got to be something else I can get a 
prescription for and order somewhere else.  Please help!

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