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Re: [IP] Protein and elevated BG's

> I read in my carbs counter book that a meal high in protein can
> increase your blood sugar.  Has anyone had this happen to them?
> I had a terrific 2 hour post meal bg (129 mg/dl) and 2 hours later
> (4 hours total post meal), by blood sugar shot up to over 300 with
> no explanation.
> The only logical explanation was the two large hamburgers I had as
> part of the meal.  Could the fat, and protein have inhibited the
> carbs until 4 hours after the meal?

When you eat a "bunch" of protein as in your two large hamburgers, 
you must account for the conversion of protein to carb. This process 
takes many hours so the bg rise will not occur until much later 
compared to ingesting carbs from bread, sugar, etc..... There is a 
conversion factor for protein in Pumping Insulin -- sorry I don't 
remember the formula.

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